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July 08 2015

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Analemma. The sun’s position in the sky, photographed from the same location at the same time of day throughout a year, forms an analemma. This shows the sun’s apparent swinging from its northernmost position, at the analemma’s uppermost point, at summer solstice, to its southernmost position/lowest point, at winter solstice.

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July 02 2015

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Applying a hotfix in the middle of a demo

/* by mouseas */

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July 01 2015

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Wenn ein Waschbär in einer Bier-Lagerhalle übernachtet…
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June 30 2015

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A simple guide to picking a great color palette. No matter what the colors are, using colors that are certain distances from each other on the color wheel result in a great contrast of colors. The simple color schemes shown above are used in the most popular logos, posters, websites, paintings, and even movies and television.

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June 27 2015

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June 25 2015


The Gulf of Alaska 

In this particular area two seas meet but do not mix due to difference in water density.

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June 21 2015

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